Celebrating again, Cook triplets turn 40

00:00, Feb 05 2013
Happy birthday: Siblings Gavin Cook, left, Haley James (nee Cook) and Bryce Cook celebrate their 40th birthday on Saturday.

Gavin and Bryce Cook are proud to be triplets and always correct people who mistakenly assume they are twins.

"When people say: ‘are you twins?' we say: ‘nah, triplets'.

"They go: ‘where's the other one?' and we say: ‘she can't swing a hammer and she lives on the wrong side of Christchurch," Gavin said.

Twenty years on: Nelson Mail photograph of Gavin, left, Haley, and Bryce celebrating on their 21st birthday.

The Cook triplets turned 40 over the weekend.

Bryce, Gavin and Haley James (nee Cook) were surrounded by about 50 friends and family members at Bryce's Moutere home on Saturday, where celebrations included a huge photo-board in tribute to their 40 years.

Fulltime mum Haley came up from Ashburton for the festivities, while Bryce and Gavin live in the Nelson region. They jointly operate Cook Brothers Building, a three-year-old residential construction company, out of Moutere.


The Nelson Mail has followed the siblings throughout their 40 years.

It wrote about them when they were born, interviewed them when they turned 21, and was there at the Moutere celebrations.

The Cooks don't believe in any of that triplet telepathy pseudo-science stuff although they agreed that no-one can be sure, as weird stuff did sometimes happen.

"We don't talk at work," Gavin said. "But we don't know if that's automatic or just the way we work."

Haley said her brother Bryce went into hospital a while back after experiencing problems with his leg.

"I did have a sore leg that day too," she said.

"But you don't know if that is just a coincidence."