Staff and students saddened at death

Golden Bay High School student Eva Wilson.
Golden Bay High School student Eva Wilson.

Students and staff at Golden Bay High School, shocked at the sudden death of student Eva Wilson, are working on a crisis management plan to get them through this time.

Golden Bay High principal Roger File said Eva was "gifted across the board, particularly art".

"She was the sort of girl who was prepared to have a go at anything, you look at things like her unicycle and tap dancing. You could always guarantee she would have a smile and a greeting for you. She will leave a big gap in our community, that's for sure."

Eva, 14, died in Wellington Hospital on Saturday evening. She was flown to Wellington on Friday by the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter after she suffered an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

It is understood she stood on a bee on the deck of her family home on Friday afternoon. She was treated by St John paramedics and doctors at the Golden Bay Medical Centre before being flown to Wellington for emergency medical care after going into anaphylactic shock.

A devastated Mr File said today that the school had a crisis management plan to help them through the tragedy.

"It will help us and guide us through. We'll look at possible involvement in the funeral service. And we've got to look forward and look at ways of remembering Eva. Obviously we'll discuss this with the family," he said.

Anaphylactic shock can trigger an inflammatory response in different body systems. In worst case scenarios, it causes cardiac and respiratory arrest.

Eva's funeral will be at Onekaka Hall, Golden Bay, on Friday at 11am.