Hunt for rape information

03:08, Feb 08 2013
Queens Gardens
DANGER ZONE: The area in Queen’s Gardens where a teen was raped early on Sunday.

Nelson police are still working through information received on the reported rape of a young woman in Queen's Gardens.

Detective Sally McBride said police had not had a big response following a call for information from the public.

An 18-year-old woman left the Little Rock in Bridge St about 1am on Sunday and walked towards the Suter Gallery.

She was grabbed from behind after stopping to call a taxi and said she was dragged down a path into Queen's Gardens, near the public toilets, where she was raped.

The attack did not last long as the offender was scared off by the sounds of people in the area.

The victim reported the incident to police after getting home.

Anyone with information should call Nelson police on (03) 546 3840.

Information can be given anonymously through Crimestoppers.


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