Plenty of pluses in sombre subject

One of life's big questions from her small son set Golden Bay mother Bianca Dias to work on her first children's book.

Her son, Marlee, 3, started asking her what happened when people died.

"He started questioning death and where we go and what happens.

"That challenged me to give him an answer that carried true meaning," said Ms Dias.

She wrote the book Your Soul is like a Seed explaining the journey of a seed, with the shape of a child at its heart, as it goes through "life, death and rebirth".

"Basically it's a story about a little seed who goes through the changes of life and evolves into its true potential, which is to become a rose.

"I realised death is a fundamental part of living, we see this all around us every day, especially in nature. Once we truly understand death, we are inspired to live and make the most of our time."

Though it's a children's book, Ms Dias says the book is for people of all ages. "It's for everybody. It's been classified as general poetry so it's not technically a children's book. I wrote it for parents and children.

"I hope it will inspire people to make the best of their time.

"Life is a precious gift and we are privileged to live it in as many colours as we choose. It is about making dreams come true and living to your full potential," she said.

This is the first book Ms Dias has published, though she has several others in the pipeline. She also illustrated the book.

There will be a launch for Your Soul is like a Seed, at the Takaka Library on February 16 at 10.30am.

Ms Dias published her book through the self-publishing division of Hay House: Balboa Press.

It is for sale at The Mudfaery's Menagerie, Grasshopper and Take Note in Takaka; at Page & Blackmore Booksellers in Nelson and online through Balboa Press.

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