Man remanded on laser charge

00:26, Feb 13 2013

The 43-year-old Richmond man charged after a laser was pointed at the Nelson Marlborough Helicopter endangering its crew is Ashley Foster O’Brien.

O’Brien, a gardener, was remanded before a registrar in the Nelson District Court on Monday to reappear on March 5.

He faces a charge of interfering with the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter with reckless disreguard for the safety of the crew.

He was charged after he allegedly pointed a laser light at the Nelson Marlborough rescue helicopter on its way back from a late-night mission on Boxing Day.

The rescue crew had been taking part in the search for a missing tramper in the Mt Owen area and were returning to Nelson Airport when the helicopter was targeted with the laser beam.

The helicopter rescue crew were able to use their onboard Forward Looking Infra Red Unit to track the light to a house near Three Brothers Corner.

The helicopter contacted police and hovered over the property until police arrived.