Glider crashes at St Arnaud

00:15, Feb 14 2013
Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter
ON THE SCENE: St John Intensive Care Paramedics attend to the injured glider pilot near St Arnaud before flying the patient to Nelson Hospital.

A Christchurch man has been airlifted to Nelson Hospital with spinal injuries after his glider spun out of control during a landing.

The 47-year-old man was picked up by the Nelson-Marlborough rescue helicopter at 2pm yesterday after his glider landed short of the Lake Station airfield at St Arnaud, 90 kilometres southwest of Nelson.

Helicopter pilot Jarrod Colbourne said the man was conscious after the accident and a doctor was already on the scene when the helicopter crew arrived.

The glider's windscreen was smashed, Colbourne said, and the man was "in a lot of pain".

A St John spokeswoman said the man was in Nelson Hospital with moderate injuries.