Fire hot spot flares up

Fire crews spent all weekend at Cable Bay, damping down hot spots after dealing with a flare-up on Friday.

Flames as high as four metres ripped through farmland in Cable Bay on Thursday, threatening a nearby pine plantation, with sparks from a roadside grinder likely to blame.

About 50 firefighters and two helicopters with monsoon buckets fought the fire covering eight hectares on Ian and Barbara Stuart's property on Cable Bay Rd.

The fire did not threaten houses, but it was about 30 metres away from igniting heavier fuel - thick gorse, leading into a large pine forest.

Waimea Rural Fire principal fire officer Ian Reade said fire crews worked at Cable Bay all weekend.

He said people monitored the area in the evenings, after a "reasonably close run" when a hot spot flared up on Friday.

"There's actually a bit of drizzle out there this morning, so it's looking pretty good.

"There won't be anybody watching it tonight," he said.

Mr Reade said they had investigated the fire, and were "reasonably confident" that it was caused by sparks from a grinder being used by a council contractor on Cable Bay Rd.

"We'll be making contact with the company that was working there on the day," he said.