'Harlem Shake' comes to Nelson

Calling all Nelsonians with a sense of fun; good dance moves not necessary.

Nelson woman Adele Tunnicliff wants you to take part in a "Harlem Shake" video on Nelson's Church Steps.

The Harlem Shake is one of the latest crazes sweeping the internet with everyone from office workers to Norwegian soldiers posting videos of themselves doing the shake.

The videos typically last 30 to 40 seconds and consist of two takes. The first one involves one person, usually wearing a mask, doing the shake surrounded by people going about business as normal. The second take cuts to the whole group doing the shake, often dressed in costumes.

Ms Tunnicliff, who is currently on a gap year between studies, said they planned to film the Nelson Harlem Shake on the Church Steps today from 3.20pm to 4.30pm.

She said her former performing arts teacher from Nayland College would be attending and bringing students.

She asked people to bring crazy costumes if they had them. And said people did not have to be a good dancer to take part. "You can just stand on the steps and move your arms and flail about."