Maling wants to be mayor

20:28, Mar 18 2013

Tasman district councillor Kit Maling has announced that he intends to stand for mayor in the next local body elections.

Mr Maling has been a councillor for three years. He served in the police for 24 years, reaching the rank of inspector.

He said he chose this year to stand for mayor because he was now the right age for the job, and had the necessary experience in local government.

He cited his father Rob Maling, a former mayor of Richmond, as a primary inspiration.

The local body elections will be in October.

"I think Tasman is facing some very tough challenges in the next few years, and we need strong leadership," he said.

Mr Maling said he wanted to address the Tasman District Council's debt, rates affordability and the environment, and have a "customer-friendly" council with a focus on service.

He plans to spend the time between now and October meeting community groups and door-knocking to meet Tasman district residents.

He said this strategy had been key to his being elected to the council, and he trusted it to work again. "I don't expect people to vote for me unless they've met me."


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