Waterwheel a dip into history

00:00, Feb 22 2013

An old-looking new water feature will be tested at the Brightwater School gala on Sunday.

In honour of the school's waterwheel logo the Brightwater School board of trustees decided to build a working waterwheel on campus, to be officially unveiled at the school's 125th reunion on March 23.

Principal Gerald Baldwin said the wheel will be tested at the school gala on Sunday, between 11am and 3pm.

"The waterwheel has taken five months to build with generous donations of labour, materials and services, plus monetary donations from local organisations, including the Tasman District Council," Mr Baldwin said.

He said pupils had been captivated by the project, and teachers were embracing the learning opportunities granted by the waterwheel.

"It has given the teachers and students real-life learning experience within the school grounds. Studying the history of the waterwheel shows the strong connections Brightwater School has with its community.

"The first commercial electricity in Nelson region was in Brightwater," Mr Baldwin said.

The water feature will pump recycled water on a daily timer between 8.30am and 3.30pm.

The reunion will be held over the weekend of March 23. Ex-pupils, staff and committee members can enrol at brightwater.school.nz, 542 3666.


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