Miccio mulls bid for second term

00:15, Feb 25 2013

Nelson Mayor Aldo Miccio will decide if he will stand for a second term after Easter.

Senior Nelson police commander Inspector Brian McGurk announced yesterday that he plans to stand for the Nelson mayoralty this year.

Mr McGurk said the "growing gap" he saw between the Nelson City Council and the community was one of the factors driving his decision.

Mr Miccio said he had yet to decide if he would stand again, and would announce his intentions after Easter.

"There will be lots of people standing, I'm sure. I just want to spend the time at Easter to assess what I want to do. I just want to focus on what we're doing now for the end of the term."

Councillor Rachel Reese, who challenged Mr Miccio for the mayoralty at the last local body elections, said it was too early to say if she would stand again this year.

"I'll make an announcement on my intentions later in the year.

"Brian made a valid point about the gap between the council and the community under this mayoralty," she said.


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