Karamea caving pic proves popular online

00:15, Feb 25 2013
The mouth of the Honeycomb Hill Caves, Karamea, Kahurangi National Park

When a holidaying Nelsonian pulled out her digital camera to capture the view at the mouth of a Karamea cave system, she never guessed more than 900 people would end up enjoying it too.

Earlier this month PR consultant Rebecca Sellwood posted a photo from her trip to the Honeycomb Caves in Karamea on New Zealand Tourism's ''New Zealand 100% Pure'' Facebook page.

The photo proved popular, and has now been selected as one of the top 10 for February, up against other photos from professional photographers around the country to be the page's cover photo for the whole of March.

The winning photo will be the one to receive the most ''likes''.

Ms Sellwood took the photo on a family holiday in Karamea after Christmas, during a guided tour of the caves, in Oparara Basin, which took them through virgin bush, a swing bridge, and then into the more than 15-kilometre cave system.

The caves contain ancient moa bones as well as the remains of other animals, some up to 20,000 years old.


''It's a great place to take three boys,'' she said.

After the 90-minute walk through the caves, she rounded a corner to be confronted with the cave's exit framing the lush plant-life beyond.

''To have that amazing green and all the leaves - we took quite a few photos.''

She did not use professional equipment, only a small Sony digital point and shoot camera and an included Carl Zeiss lens.

She submitted the photo to the site because she felt it represented the purpose of the page.

''The site is 100 per cent pure New Zealand - that photo is very effective.''

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