College enjoys canteen milestone

00:01, Feb 26 2013

Since the day it opened 30 years ago, the Kiosk canteen has been the most popular place at Waimea College.

Yesterday a celebration was held to mark that anniversary, with about 200 people associated with it, past and present, gathering for a morning tea in the college staffroom.

Appropriately there was a healthy fruit cake baked by Kiosk staff member Tracy Farrell and topped with icing and a replica gingerbread kiosk made by Amanda Tyrie.

The Kiosk has always had a healthy choice policy with the simple rules: no chocolate, no coke and no lollies.

When it opened it was a focal point for the school's 25th reunion. Heather Steer was employed to manage the canteen, and she is still there now.

"I'm here because Waimea College is an awesome place," she said.


"The students are great kids, the staff are awesome and the facilities are amazing."

Each day a big portion of the 1500-plus students turn up to the Kiosk.

"The queue is a mile long, luckily we don't get to see it from inside," Steer said.

They come for the wholemeal rolls and freshly baked muffins as well as daily specials including sushi, Chelsea buns and hot dogs, and instead of soft drinks there is water, juice and milk.

"It's a special place, they look after you," Steer said.

"Mind you, it's twofold, they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them."

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