Flowers a family affair at Brightwater Show

Christine Squier in her garden with spring flowers.

Christine Squier in her garden with spring flowers.

Winter's departure marks the arrival of floral colour and the region's Brightwater Spring Flower Show.

Organised by the Brightwater Horticultural Society the show offers an array of children's classes and welcomes home gardeners bringing in bunches of home grown flowers.

It is an event seeped in history. Formed in 1903 the show was originally held in the Brightwater Parish Hall and attracted a huge number of entries to its numerous classes which covered everything from decorated sunshades, wreaths and bowls of roses to fruit, farm and garden produce, baking and dairy products.

Secretary Christine Squier said what hadn't changed in the show's 113-year history was to focus on the family.

While sections had shrunk and families tended not to purchase, rather than grow, fruit and vegetables, it was now more important than ever to grow flower plants to support the local bee and bird populations and add colour and diversity to the environment.

Espaliered fruit trees, container gardens, vertical gardens and community gardens - the shift was towards gardening outside the traditional square was well underway, she said.

"It is rewarding to pick something from your own garden and going inside and easting it."

The show opens at the Brightwater Hall next Saturday afternoon at 1.30pm and runs until 4.30pm. Doors will be open on Sunday form 9.30am to 3.45pm.

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