Nude riders get back in the saddle

Nudity reigned in Tarakohe, at the Golden Bay tenth annual Naked Bike Ride.

Around 70 participants, some fully naked, others artfully decorated, gathered on Saturday afternoon for the peaceful bike ride, which was a protest against fossil fuel usage.

Organiser Victoria Davis said she was pleased with the turnout of people who had gathered to raise awareness of alternative transport options in a "fun, loving way'.'

She was proud to carry of a copy of the World Naked Bike Ride Book, in which Golden Bay's Naked Bike Ride efforts were a strong feature.

J'nette Saxby travelled from Auckland to participate in the event.

"Because we need more bikes and fewer cars on the roads. Christchurch, where I'm originally from, should be the cycle city of the world," she said.

Nelson student Delft Klootwyk said he was proud to be part of the Naked Bike Ride.

"This is my fourth ride. The reason I came is because I'd heard of the purpose, to encourage people to respect cyclists on the road, which isn't happening yet, but will happen.

"It's an honour to be part of a people who are prepared to stand up for what they believe. I love being naked too … I was born this way," he said.