Stoke residents shovel mud from properties

Stoke's Manson Ave was like "a river", according to residents.

Liz Williams and her husband John were out early yesterday morning shovelling mud from their driveway and gutters.

They had not seen anything like Sunday's downpour in 50 years of residence.

The waters had not breached their house.

"We're very lucky," Mrs Williams said.

However, others in the street weren't so fortunate.

One family with young children, who did not want to be named, had their furniture up off the carpet and were spending the morning trying to dry out the house.

Mud covered the front doorstep and the carpet squelched as their children ran over it.

"Thank God for insurance," their father said.

He believed that the waters had collected in Ngawhatu Valley and then rushed down the street.

Villas were flooded in Ernest Rutherford retirement village and a worker was out clearing the footpath of sticky brown mud.

One of the village's maintenance men was trying to dry out the sodden carpet in one villa, and said he'd been there at 8pm on Sunday night trying to help.

"All the carpet guys are going flat tack today."

He said drains in nearby Manson Ave appears to have blocked "and we've ended up with it".

"It's terrible, it really is," he said. He was alert to the possibility of more rain and cleaning up to come. "We're trying to clean everything out and get ready for the next lot."

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