Golden Bay High School prizegiving: high achieving students honoured

Golden Bay High School's dux Yerren van Sint Annaland
Nina Hindmarsh

Golden Bay High School's dux Yerren van Sint Annaland

​This year's Golden Bay High School's dux wants to pursue a career in computer programming.

Yerren van Sint Annaland, 17, was recognised as the top scholar at the school's senior prizegiving on Thursday.

Along with the dux award, van Sint Annaland also won the University of Otago's Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship of $45,000.

He was heading to Dunedin next year to start a computer science degree.

The award is given to just a few high school graduates who display not only outstanding academic results but also community service.

Van Sint Annaland said he was chosen for his involvement in a number of different areas including work for the conservation group Project Janszoon. He was on the student advisory board and helped his school adopt a section of the park.

He was also involved with sporting groups representing his school in tennis and football, as well has leading the production and design of his school's magazine.

He also tutored younger students in maths, English and tennis, as well as helping to make the school magazine and looking after the school's 3D printer.

Van Sint Annaland said he has kept busy this year with maths, digital technology and physics.

"I managed to complete my level three English last year, and I also did level 3 statistics last year so this year I got to really focus on the stuff that I actually enjoy," he said.

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As part of his digital technology course, van Sint Annaland redesigned Golden Bay's weather mapping page.

"The old one was was really outdated," he said. "I had to re-design it more or less from scratch, it was all code and scripting."

He said home-schooled by his father until Year 9.

"It taught me that you just have to enjoy what you're doing to learn," he said.

"When I was home schooled I didn't do anything except what I wanted to do, so I learned so much about computer programming, which I got into really early on."

He said he was never taught to read, but just picked it up when he was ready.

"It was the same for maths. It just happened when I was ready."



Dux, Yerren van Sint Annaland; Proxime Accessit, Jenna Warn; M G S Charlton Plate and Prize awarded for Citizenship, Jesse Eckert; The Colin McDonald Award for Endeavour, Bryce Harwood; The Golden Bay Community Plate for Sportspersonship, Tori Wells; Arts Award, Calvin Wilkinson; Kia Kaha Awards, Amy Hurst & Ryley Fleming.

Scholarship Recipients

Reilly Trust Leadership Challenge, Georgia Thomas; Returned and Services Association Scholarship, Clarissa Barham; Altrusa Community Scholarship, Josh Childs; University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship, Josh Childs; University of Otago Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship, Yerren van Sint Annaland; University of Otago Dux Scholarship, Yerren van Sint Annaland; Victoria University Entrance Scholarship, Jenna Warn; McKee Charitable Trust Scholarship, Sophia Jevremovic; Lions Scholarship, Anna Zrinyi-Morgan; Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Scholarship, Barney Kelly.


Senior Boys' Swimming Champion, Elliott Gibbs; Senior Girls' Swimming Champion, Lily Lee; Senior Boys' Athletic Champion and Sprint Champion, Fox Gray; Senior Girls' Athletic Champion and Sprint Champion, Amy Hurst; Senior Boys' Cross Country Champion, Jaden Thompson; Senior Girls' Cross Country Champion, Georgia Thomas; Chamberlain Trophy for Commitment to Netball, Clarissa Barham; Tasman Secondary Services to Sports, Amy Hurst and Reuben Chubb; Sportsman of the Year, Reuben Chubb; Sportswoman of the Year, Amy Hurst.


Y13: Josh Childs and Sophia Jevremovic

Y12: Chloe Mason and Venus Cahusac de Caux

Y11: Joseph Ogle and Tanja Jevremovic


Palmer Cup for Improvement and Endeavour in English, Thomas Kelly & Tyler Palmer; Whaowhia te Kete Mātauranga Trophy for Excellence in Social Sciences, Sophia Jevremovic; Manawhenua ki Mohua Trust Trophy for Contribution to Māori within School, Candice Sangster; David Tunley Memorial Cup for Chemistry, Yerren van Sint Annaland; Winner of the Outdoor Pursuits Trophy for the top Outdoor Education Student, Gabe Stone; Hang Dog Award for Best Male Climber, Jaden Thompson; Hang Dog Award for Best Female Climber, Georgia Thomas; TAG Trophy for Visual Arts, Chloe Mason; Alex Renton Memorial Trophy, Paris Lee.


Josh Childs, Excellence in Geography, History, Mathematics with Statistics; Reuben Chubb, Excellence in Physical Education; Elliott Gibbs, Excellence in Outdoor Education; Bryce Harwood, Excellence in English; Sophia Jevremovic, Excellence in Tourism; Paris Lee, Excellence in English; Gabe Stone, Excellence in Outdoor Education; Yerren van Sint Annaland, Excellence in Calculus, Chemistry, Physics; Jenna Warn, Excellence in Biology, Classical Studies, Geography.


Clarissa Barham, Diligence in English, Physics; Dallas Bradley, Diligence in Art, Physical Education; Reuben Chubb, Diligence in English; Elliott Gibbs, Diligence in Physical Education; Reece Harvey, Diligence in Aquaculture; Amy Hurst, Diligence in Outdoor Education, Physical Education; Sophia Jevremovic, Diligence in Biology; Thomas Kelly, Diligence in Classical Studies; Paris Lee, Diligence in Geography, History; Jazmyn Porter, Diligence in Gateway; Izsi Salmon, Diligence in Photography; Nathan Ward, Diligence in Chemistry; Tori Wells, Diligence in Physical Education, Trades; Calvin Wilkinson, Diligence in Outdoor Education.


Venus Cahusac de Caux, Excellence in Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics; Morgan Davies, Excellence in Hospitality; Zebedee Fersterer-Gawith, Excellence in Physical Education; Grace Gray, Excellence in Biology, Geography; Siti Jongkind, Excellence in Outdoor Education, English, History; Lily Lee, Excellence in Art; Chloe Mason, Excellence in English, History/Classical Studies; Izsi Salmon, Excellence in Digital Technologies; Brady Stone, Excellence in Outdoor Education.


Evelyn Astbury, Diligence in Photography; Shanelle Bayliss-Bowden, Diligence in Art; Jett Bennett, Diligence in Physical Education; Venus Cahusac de Caux, Diligence in Biology, English; Caitlyn Duncan, Diligence in Physics; Jordan Falconer, Diligence in Geography; Zebedee Fersterer-Gawith, Diligence in Outdoor Education, Mathematics; Piper Gardiner, Diligence in Art; Grace Gray, Diligence in Chemistry, English; Persia Kerrisk, Diligence in Physical Education; Chloe Mason, Diligence in Art, Photography; Jessica Moleta, Diligence in Art, Photography; Erin Nalder, Diligence in English; Kelton Sparks, Diligence in Hospitality; Georgia Thomas, Diligence in Outdoor Education, Physical Education.


Tom Bassett-Eason, Excellence in English, Physical Education; K-Dee Bourke, Excellence in Hospitality; Oscar Chubb, Excellence in Physical Education; Kyle Gardiner, Excellence in Building, Construction, & Allied Trade Skills; Elisha Godsiff, Excellence in Hospitality, Physical Education; Tanja Jevremovic, Excellence in Classical Studies; Zodie Mckay, Excellence in Literacy; Joseph Ogle, Excellence in Digital Technologies, Economics, English, Mathematics, Science; Tyler Palmer, Excellence in Aquaculture, Construction and Mechanical Technologies, Physical Education; Catrina Sadowski, Excellence in Art; Candice Sangster, Excellence in Maori; Katherine Shaw, Excellence in Science, Social Science; Vincent Sims, Excellence in Digital Technologies; Tama Solly, Excellence in Mechanical Engineering.


Jack Balck, Diligence in English; K-Dee Bourke, Diligence in English, Social Science; Grace Brett, Diligence in Physical Education; Corben Burnett-Solly, Diligence in Construction and Mechanical Technologies; Tyrone Cornell-Graves, Diligence in Mechanical Engineering; Kyle Gardiner, Diligence in Aquaculture, Gateway, Physical Education; Tyrone Gower, Diligence in Trades; Caleb Harvey, Diligence in Building, Construction, & Allied Trade Skills; Hannah Holmwood, Diligence in Hospitality; Mathew Hopkins, Diligence in Physical Education; Tanja Jevremovic, Diligence in Art; Hana Mason, Diligence in Science, Social Science; Zoe McDowall, Diligence in Art; Nick Oakden, Diligence in Physical Education; Tyler Palmer, Diligence in Science; Sheree Peters, Diligence in Hospitality; Catrina Sadowski, Diligence in Classical Studies, Kainga Schinkel, Diligence in Literacy; Katherine Shaw, Diligence in Mathematics; Rhiannon Ward, Diligence in Art.






























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