Nelson man explains secret behind lucky numbers that won Lotto 12 times over

A Nelson man has won over $100,000 by playing the same numbers 12 times on a single Lotto ticket.

A Nelson man has won over $100,000 by playing the same numbers 12 times on a single Lotto ticket.

A Nelson Lotto player who won more than $100,000 playing the same numbers 12 times on the same ticket says he often picks the same numbers multiple times.

"So that when my numbers do come up, I can win a greater share of the prize."

The player won 12 second division prizes on a single ticket bought from from Nelson's Whitcoulls on Saturday, winning $9481 on each line, totalling $113,772.  

"I've had a good number of lower prize wins, but I never thought I'd strike it quite so lucky."

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He said his method of working out what numbers to chose included some in depth analysis of lucky numbers. 

"Every draw I find out what the winning numbers are and then I decide which numbers I play based on the numbers that are most frequently drawn.

"I change them up every couple of months. It might seem a bit unusual but it has worked for me."

He always picks his own numbers.

He went into the store on Sunday to check his ticket and his hands started shaking when he realised how much he had won.

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"As soon as I walked in the lady behind the counter said, 'we're looking for someone who has won Lotto Second Division - they've played the same numbers 12 times.'

"That's when I knew I had definitely won, so I just replied: 'guilty'.

"When she told me how much I had won, all I managed to say was: 'bloody hell'."

He said he wanted to use some of the money he'd won to take a trip overseas later on in the year.

"But apart from that I'm not too sure yet."

"Some players choose to play their lucky numbers several times on a single ticket, so while it's uncommon for one player to win a major prize many times over, it's not unheard of," a Lotto spokeswoman said.

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