Trust fence-posts fund going strong

Nelson's Brook Waimarama Sanctuary has reached two-thirds of its goal, raising $3.2 million towards its $4.75m target to build a 14-kilometre fence to keep out pests.

Its appeal to the public to support the project by sponsoring fence posts has succeeded in getting 400 posts funded since the Get Behind the Fence Campaign was launched in May.

The corporate side of the fundraising also has two major sponsorship partners about to be signed up.

The sanctuary trust for the Brook Valley hopes the fence will result in the removal of all introduced pests so native birds can flourish, and there are plans to develop visitor facilities.

The fence post campaign was over its target for June-July and had already raised $130,000 from individuals, families, businesses and clubs, said sanctuary general manager Hudson Dodd.

The 400th post was sponsored by Dr Ann Pearson of Cambridge, who also requested campaign brochures for friends and contacts in the Waikato.

"The fact that people are stepping up to sponsor fence posts from all around the country shows what a nationally significant project the Brook Sanctuary really is."

The trust was grateful to everyone who had sponsored a post and the campaign would continue. While most fence posts were sponsored by families and individuals, the trust also encouraged schools, streets and community groups to band together and sponsor a fence post.

Fence post sponsorship pricing ranges from $100 to $5000 - more information at

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