Stink raised over toilets outside Golden Bear at Mapua Wharf

Golden Bear Brewery has plans to expand inside the council-owned building it operates from at Mapua Wharf.

Golden Bear Brewery has plans to expand inside the council-owned building it operates from at Mapua Wharf.

Tasman District Council has fined itself $1000 over a toilet block it placed outside Golden Bear Brewery at Mapua Wharf.

The toilet block has since been removed and replaced by another set of toilets for Golden Bear patrons to use. The new block was placed by Golden Bear Brewery director Jim Matranga who aims to have permanent toilets built inside his business as part of a planned expansion.

TDC environment and planning manager Dennis Bush-King, "at arm's length" from the council, imposed the infringement fine over the first block of temporary toilets that was placed by TDC and remained for about a year. He said the matter of the new toilet block was being "followed up" by the council.

Bush-King said the fine for the first toilet block, which the council had paid, was imposed under the Building Act for unconsented building work.

Golden Bear Brewery plans expansion at Mapua Wharf
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"The toilet block did not have a consent," he said.

TDC would normally allow temporary placement of such a toilet block for about three months while construction was under way.

"It was there well beyond that," Bush-King said.

Matranga said he had paid $6000 to have the first toilet block delivered, installed and plumbed.

"They [the council] put that toilet there, not me," he said.

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When the toilet block was removed "two weeks before Christmas", he arranged for another to be brought in and placed on his property, using the same plumbing and water supplies.

"I just hooked up to what I was paying so much for," Matranga said. "That toilet's going nowhere until I get my [interior] toilets built."

Matranga said he was expecting to get an architect's drawings for his planned extension on Wednesday to be used for a consent application.

He was now working with his fourth or fifth architect.

"Most of them are just buried; there's so much construction going on."

In response to a question from Mapua resident David Mitchell at a public meeting last week, TDC chief executive Lindsay McKenzie said the council placed the loos on that site pre-Christmas 2015 to enable "a tenant in that business to operate".

Golden Bear Brewery is in a council-owned building called Shed 5, which is one of several commercial properties owned by TDC at the wharf. 

Golden Bear Brewery has signed lease agreements with the council to extend into the space formerly occupied by Hamish's icecream parlour and the Cool Change gallery. Its extension plans include the construction of toilets inside the building.

McKenzie told the meeting last week that several deadlines passed.

"Despite our best endeavours, Jim [Matranga] didn't make sufficient progress to enable us to process the necessary consents to do the modifications that he was proposing to the building and to do the plumbing," the council boss said.

"We were in a situation pre-Christmas where we desperately needed that toilet and it went up to St Arnaud to meet the pressure on that community as a consequence of the [Kaikoura] earthquake and the closure of State Highway 1."

However, "without the requisite approvals" another toilet had since been "located there by Jim".

Mayor Richard Kempthorne told the meeting the issue had been "quite a frustration".

"It's been a real frustration and there's been a real contest between the commercial department and Jim, and that continues and it will continue until he's got his toilets inside where they need to be," Kempthorne said.



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