Nude golfers watch the birdie

00:12, Oct 10 2013
nude golfers
CALENDAR GIRLS: Sandra Johnson protographs Greenacres Gold Club members, Anna Lucas, 64, left and Mat'e Crins, 66, modelling for the Sharpies/Greenacres 2014 Ladies Calendar.

When most of Nelson retreated indoors to avoid yesterday's driving rain, a hardy group of ladies at Greenacres Golf Club stripped naked and went golfing.

The women, who were aged between 50 and 85, were photographed in various poses around the Richmond green for a charity calendar to benefit the club and the Nelson branch of Special Olympics. They sheltered underneath umbrellas and wore dressing-gowns to keep warm between photographs.

Stoke woman Joyce Caldwell, 85, was photographed in the nude on a golf cart near the seventh fairway. She said it was "very good fun".

"As you get older you care less about these things," she said. "If you can't do things like this at my age, then when can you do them?"

She said she had taken orders for a number of calendars already, saying the Stoke Medical Centre had asked her for 10 copies.

Joyce Murray, who also stripped off for the calendar, agreed a good time was had by all.


"We've all moved out of our comfort zone probably, [but] what memories we're going to take into our old age."

The TV One show Seven Sharp had a camera crew filming during the shoot. Ms Murray said the extra attention was not a problem, saying she and her friends trusted the photographers and camera operators would be "very tactful".

Photographer Sandra Johnson of Boutique Photography said the shoot was unusual for her as she usually concentrated on wedding photos.

"I haven't done a naked wedding yet."

Jeremy Irons, who is the director of the golf club's on-site shop, Sharpies, admitted a hand in the venture but would not reveal who first came up with the idea.

"It's the ladies' initiative, really, I've just coordinated the thing."

He said the shoot was likely to be the first of its kind in New Zealand golf. Around 14 women took part, with only a few pulling out due to the wild weather.

"To go out there on a day like today, those ladies are terrific sports. In my opinion, they're pretty heroic."

He said players from the Special Olympics came to the club each Wednesday to work on their game.

"They're an underfunded organisation and if you watch them play, they're absolutely inspiring."

The ladies planned to initiate a nude men's calendar for 2015.