Alcohol changes on way

00:00, Nov 29 2013

Tasman's pubs, clubs and restaurants will have to stop selling alcohol at 2am under the district's new provisional alcohol policy.

Off-licences will have to stop selling takeaway liquor from 10pm.

The changes are in line with public feedback to a random survey of 500 ratepayers earlier this year, which found 75 per cent of respondents wanted bars and clubs closed by 2am and 86 per cent backed off-licence sales from supermarkets and bottle stores ending by 10pm.

The council's environmental health co-ordinator Graham Caradus told councillors at yesterday's environment and planning meeting the district's provisional alcohol policy should be in force by April if no appeals were lodged.

However, submitters had already indicated to council staff that an appeal was likely.

In his report Mr Caradus said the appeal process would be handled by the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority.


The proposed policy has been repeatedly discussed by the council and was the subject of a special public submission process in September.

Following that process the council proposed district off-licences be allowed to open between the hours of 7am to 10pm and clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants between 8am to 2am.

Two further discretionary conditions limit the exposure of alcohol to children at events on school grounds and make it necessary to consider the appropriateness of alcohol at driving events.

The creation of the district's local alcohol policy stems from the 2012 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 that allows councils to develop a set of decisions around alcohol sale and supply that differs from the standard rules across the country.

Moutere councillor Brian Ensor thanked the council's staff for the work they had put into the process to date.