Finn sacrifices 'fro for a good cause

COLD NOW: Finn reacts to his new look.
COLD NOW: Finn reacts to his new look.

Clifton Terrace School pupil Finn McCormack, 11, now has a cold head after cutting off his impressive "fro" for a "Frovember" fundraiser.

Finn McCormack could not compete in the Movember festivities so instead opted to shave his beloved 'fro in front of his classmates yesterday to raise money for men's cancer research.

About 300 pupils took part in the festivities by sporting funny wigs in exchange for a cold coin donation to pay homage to the 'fro that has been in the making for a year.

Finn was apprehensive about having his cool hair cut off, but said it was for a good cause.

His head felt really cold and it was like touching carpet, he said.

It was not too scary, he said.

He was surprised by all the support he had received over the past month.

His mother was happy, but this would not be for long as he had full intentions to start growing it out again, he said.

Mother Kim McCormack, who came up with the Frovember idea, was happy to see his clean-shaven head.

Finn's hair was just so thick and heavy his head could not breathe, she said.

"I think it is going to be really hard not to let him grow it back straight away.

"It could be worse, I suppose. It is just hair."

Growing an afro in the future could be up for discussion, she said.

Finn's father, Reuben, had warned him that prostate cancer ran in the family, with both Finn's grandfather and great uncle suffering from the disease.

They were both lucky to have detected the disease early and survived, he said.

Clifton Terrace principal Rob Wemyss said Finn was such a brave little fella getting his hair cut in front of all his classmates for such a great cause.

For a kid his age to stand up for something and have such awareness was incredibly important, he said.

Fellow Clifton Terrace student Kyle Mackay said it was sad to see Finn cutting off his "cool" hair.

He looked really, really different, he said.

He probably feels like a new man, he said.

The final tally of the money raised will be calculated next week.

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