Summer comes early to region

21:39, Dec 03 2013

Nelson had December's weather in November and can look forward to a warm summer.

November set new temperature records, said John Mathieson of the Nelson Weather Service.

"The monthly day and night temps were almost identical to what we would normally expect for a typical December month," he said.

The mean monthly air temperature of 16.2 degrees was 1.9 degrees above the usual montly mean of 14.3 degrees. That beat the previous warmest November mean of 15.6 degrees set in 2010 by 0.6 degrees.

Daytime maximums were 1.8 degrees milder at 18.9 degrees, while nights were 1.9 degrees milder at 11.7 degrees.

There were no frosts recorded during a very mild period with an almost total absence of cold southerly outbreaks. Instead winds were between the northeast and east on numerous days. The first 17 days were especially dry and summer-like with just 2.2mm of rain.

However, the month ended with 57 per cent of average rainfall with 45.3mm of rain recorded.

Niwa has released its outlook through to February, and it's shaping up to be a warmer than usual summer. It says for the Nelson, Marlborough and Buller regions temperatures are most likely to be in the above average range, rainfall and soil moisture are most likely to be in the near normal range and river flows are almost equally likely to be in the near normal or below normal range.