A close shave in the man cave

02:40, Dec 03 2013
Bowater men
DOING THEIR BIT: The Bowater men sporting their facial hair.

Men all over the country are bidding farewell to their carefully cultivated moustaches this week as Movember comes to a close, but Tony Bowater had a special assistant on hand when his mo had to go.

Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese joined Mr Bowater in Stormy's Man Cave Barber Shop on Tuesday, wielding the clippers under the close supervision of professional groomer Shawn Stormann.

Ms Reese made short work of Mr Bowater's facial foliage, leaving him with a smooth upper lip without the slightest nick or scratch.

Mr Bowater was one of about 25 men in Bowater Motor Group's predominantly male staff who joined the fray this year as the "Mo Bros" in a more concerted effort to raise funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health.

The group's media and brand manager, David Eagle, said Bowater staff had in the past taken part as individuals, but this year they had taken a more formal approach by setting up a link on the company's web page and a Facebook page through which people could donate.

Movember is an independent global charity, which each year encourages millions of men around the world to grow moustaches in the name of charity.


Mr Eagle said there was no particular incident in the Bowater workforce that triggered such a determined effort. The company had always taken a keen interest in community events, and this was another.

"We're aware of what's going on in the community and whenever we see an opportunity we take part," he said.

Mr Eagle said some of the guys had "grown into" their mos, and had become quite attached to the look, but some of the wives and partners weren't quite so keen.

"I have grown a mo, but it may have to go," he said sadly.

To donate visit bowaters.co.nz and scroll down to Movember, where you can donate by clicking on the link.