Drivers advised to take heed of changes

00:03, Dec 12 2013

Nelson motorists are being urged to be alert today to traffic changes at Tahunanui.

The NZ Transport Agency is encouraging southbound motorists to take heed of new changes at Tahunanui Drive, which took effect overnight. The southbound clearway was removed  last night to allow parking at all times.

This has been in response to feedback from retailers and the community who were concerned about parking and safety.

"The left lane outside the shops used to cater for southbound traffic going straight through; from Thursday, it will be soley a left turn lane. If people want to travel straight through, they need to be in the centre lane," said Mark Owen, acting highways manager Nelson.

"If they arrive at the intersection in the left hand lane, they are required to turn left. They will not be able to go straight through the intersection as they previously could.

"The right turn lane remains a right turn only bay, so no changes there.

"People should note that the clearway has been removed, so we ask motorists to watch out for parked cars at all times.

"There may be some motorists who take a while to adjust to the changes, so we ask that people be patient and cautious in case anyone makes a mistake. People may also experience longer waiting times, which we’ve indicated may be a flow on effect of making these changes."

"We thank people for their patience and attention as they get used to these new changes, which will untimately contribute to significant community and safety benefits."