Reese lets rip at council meeting

Nelson mayor Rachel Reese has reminded her new council of their need to respect their colleagues and council processes.

Ms Reese intervened at yesterday's council meeting, calling councillors into line as discussions slid towards squabbling.

Councillor Ruth Copeland wanted to make an amendment to a committee recommendation, but had not prepared the change earlier.

Deputy Mayor Paul Matheson said "off-the-cuff" amendments were not acceptable "because this is a mess".

The mayor then rose to her feet.

"I said I would never do this in a meeting, but actually councillors you need to stop. You actually need to stop and think about why you are here.

"We've got an awful lot of business to get through today," she said.

She told councillors they should have prepared any amendments earlier.

"You should do that before the meeting because that is a matter of respect for your colleagues and respect to the process of council," she said.

Ms Copeland was given time to reword the point she wanted changed, which was then passed.

The Nelson Mail