Tall story behind AB shirt auction

00:05, Dec 17 2013
AB Shirt
MONEYSPINNER: A shirt purportedly signed by the All Blacks 2011 World Cup winning squad and donated to the Huia club. The club has listed it on TradeMe with a reserve of $1000.

The Huia Rugby Football Club hopes to make more than $1000 from one man's anger-fuelled impulsive act.

The club is auctioning a T-shirt signed by the members of the All Blacks 2011 Rugby World Cup winning squad.

Steve Edwards was on his way to the Sprig & Fern last year when he stopped at an ATM in Motueka's High St to pick up some cash. He saw a man who looked angry and said to him, "Mate, you look pissed off. What's the matter?"

The man explained that he had been waiting outside the Post Office Hotel for an hour-and-a-half for a friend who was going to buy the signed T-shirt from him but he was stood up. He told Mr Edwards that he was so angry, he had decided he would sell it to the next person who came along.

"Give me sixty bucks for it, which is what it cost me, and it's yours," the man told Mr Edwards.

He claimed that he had got it from a man who owned a Christchurch bar that the All Blacks were celebrating in the night they won - an unlikely story since the final was in Auckland.

Whatever its provenance, the club hopes the shirt generates much-needed funds, said its administrator Jill Braithwaite.

Mr Edwards donated the signed T-Shirt to the Huia club a few days after he acquired it and the club has listed it on TradeMe with a reserve of $1000. The auction closes tonight.