Rain doesn't dampen fun

The wet weather hanging around the region from the weekend is set to clear before New Year's Eve with a forecast for a dry summer day and evening to welcome in 2014.

MetService has forecast a clearing of the rain by this evening with a fine, dry New Year's Eve with temperatures around 21-22 degrees Celsius during the day and 14-15C when the clock strikes midnight.

New Year's dawn will be sprinkled with some showers, which are expected to clear away for more summer-like weather on Thursday.

Despite the weekend rain, Nelsonians still got out and about over the weekend making the most of the Christmas holidays.

The McNeill family, on Saturday, tested their new Christmas snorkel gear in the Roding river at Twins Bridge Recreation Reserve. Lucas and Tanisha McNeill brought their four boys - Ezekiel, 9, Lucious, 6, Jiraiya, 5 and Daniel, 11 months - down for a swim and a picnic. Mr McNeill said they had come out for the day from Bishopdale, as it was a great spot for the family away from the summer crowds. "It's nice here," said Mr McNeill. "It's very tranquil and peaceful."

Jaraiya and Ezekiel were swimming in the river with their dad and said they were having fun with their new Christmas gear and were looking forward to getting a movie out to watch later in the evening.

Further upstream at the reopened Hackett track, former Nayland College student, Troy Savage, 18, was making the most of his summer before his first year of university, at Canterbury, by taking giant leaps off the bridge into the water hole below.

Savage was with his girlfriend, Keeli Ferris, who watched him as he leaped into the water below, sending splashes back up onto the bridge. He said he had a come as a child to the same spot to do bombs and back flips off the bridge. He soon drew a crowd of spectators with a few taking the leap after him.

Savage said the potential rain was not off-putting.

"I'll probably just keep doing it all afternoon," he said.

But, a low river meant a few jumpers were slightly touching the bottom as they jumped.

Meanwhile, mates Paora Crawford, Joseph Barrett and Shaun Thompson headed down to Tahunanui for a spot of fishing and some touch rugby on the beach. The friends said they hoped their luck would be better than the day before when they had caught a stingray, which they put back, and an undersized snapper, which also went straight back to the sea.

Paora said it was good to get out and do something. The Tahunanui rugby league players said they were waiting for some more friends to arrive to get a game of touch rugby underway.