Brazen theft shocks teen

00:02, Jan 09 2014
Justin Slierendrecht
GUTTED: Justin Slierendrecht with all that was left – his helmet – after his bicycle was stolen from Mitre 10 last month.

A bold thief has put a dampener on summer for a Nelson teenager.

Just five days before Christmas, Justin Slierendrecht was running late for his summer job at Mitre 10 so he decided to leave his Giant STP2 bike unlocked in the cycling bay.

One of the trolley boys later brought in his helmet saying it was left outside and it was then that Justin realised it had been stolen at about 2pm. He would sometimes leave his bike unlocked but thought nothing of it as Mitre 10 had a lot of cameras.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: The brazen thief riding off on Justin Slierendrecht’s bike from Mitre 10.

The 16-year-old Nayland College student knew it was stupid to leave it unlocked but he thought it was a safe area and that Nelson was a relatively safe, trustworthy community in general.

He was still in shock over the theft and felt gutted that someone could steal something so valuable to another person.

His description of the thief was not appropriate for a newspaper, he said.


The blueish-purple bike with white forks and a white seat cost $800 and while Justin was originally working to save up for his first car, he will now have to save up for another bike.

In the meantime Justin was having to borrow his dad's bike.

While police have made attempts to find the bike, putting a photograph of the thief on the Nelson police Facebook page, Justin doubted he would get his bike back.

If the public has any further information please contact Nelson police.

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