More than a picnic for bears

00:00, Jan 13 2014
Nelson teddy bears picnic
THIRSTY WORK: Two-year-old Lilja Campbell, of Richmond, gives her teddy some refreshment.
Nelson teddy bears picnic
HOLDING COURT: Roger Sanders as ‘‘Tiger Bear’’ entertains.
Nelson teddy bears picnic
BIG COLLECTION: Eight-year-old Sophie Weenink-Smith, of Nelson, with her 15 bears and one unicorn.
Nelson teddy bears picnic
BEARABLE LESSON: Children and their furry friends listen to lessons in the teddy school.
Nelson teddy bears picnic
AND REACH: Three-year-old Ruby Valentine, of Annesbrook, works out the kinks in the calisthenics class during Sunday’s Teddy Bears Picnic in Isel Park.
Nelson teddy bears picnic
AN ARMFUL: Two-year-old Ellannah Scott-Rollason, of Stoke, hurries along with her two bears.

You will never believe your eyes at The Nelson Mail Teddy Bears Picnic.

Teddies that gathered at the woods at Isel Park in Stoke yesterday got up to all sorts of surprising activities.

They had fashion makeovers, workouts, music lessons, school lessons, jumped through flaming hoops, went on fairground rides, had a tug-of-war and, of course, a picnic.

It was a bit much for some, but the St John Teddy Beer Ambulance was there to help.

Even the weather came to the party with a fine day for the free event, part of the Nelson City Council's Summer in the Nelson programme.