Woman burnt in cylinder fire

00:22, Jan 15 2014

A woman in her 50s singed her eyebrows and lost all her hair on her forearms after an LPG cylinder caught fire when she was trying to barbecue her dinner.

Fire services were called to a Washington Valley address in Nelson at 5.40pm last night when a hose that ran from the cylinder regulator to the barbecue perished, station officer Darren Shackleton said.

Three residents at the address put out the fire while the woman ran across to a neighbour's house to put cold water on her injuries for 20 minutes to cool down.

She caught the brunt of it, suffering superficial injuries to her face and forearms.

Fire services and St John ambulance subsequently attended to her injuries at the scene.

Mr Shackleton said the woman was very shaken up.

She was very lucky seeing as she was only wearing a T-shirt, he said.

He said this type of hose failure happened from time to time but could be easily avoided.

It was a pertinent time of year to check LPG cylinder hoses because the Nelson sun was not good for them, he said. They tended to break down regularly. "It is quite simple to check, all you need to do is squirt soapy water around the hose connection and if you see bubbles, you know something is leaking."