Trampers flown out after injury

A woman and two teenage girls have been airlifted from Kahurangi National Park after activating an emergency locator beacon.

The 42-year-old from Maruia was treated by paramedics aboard the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter about midday yesterday, after she injured her wrist.

She was flown to Nelson Hospital from remote Venus Hut in the Karamea River area.

Helicopter pilot Tim Douglas-Clifford said the woman appeared to have suffered a broken arm, and was in a lot of pain.

"She did the right thing" by activating the beacon, he said.

The trio had planned to walk nearly 6km to nearby Thor Hut, but learned at Venus Hut that the terrain was challenging and required full mobility.

"She would have had to ease along some steep terrain and precipices," Mr Douglas-Clifford said.

He said the rescue showed the importance of registering the beacons with the New Zealand Rescue Coordination Centre. "It makes life easier."