Couple grateful for generous response

00:05, Jan 17 2014
Alycia Chisnall
STRESSFUL: Alycia and Jeremy Chisnall talk about the difficult situation they face after Alycia gives birth to twins.

The Nelson community has reached out to support Alycia and Jeremy Chisnall both financially and emotionally.

Mrs Chisnall is carrying twin babies Oliver and Harry, who will be induced in about 10 weeks. Harry is healthy, but Oliver has been diagnosed with congenital abnormalities which mean he will not survive more than two days.

Family friend and former Nelson resident Imogene Fearn began an online fundraising drive from her home in Brisbane as a gesture of support. She said she wanted to raise $5000 to relieve part of the financial burden on her friends and allow them to hold a special memorial service for Oliver.

After featuring in the Nelson Mail and online, the fundraiser topped $2000 yesterday. It was established on January 5.

Mrs Chisnall said it had been humbling and heartwarming to be the target of so much generosity.

"We are so blown away by how loving and generous people are," she said. "It has been particularly touching that people we don't even know, and who have no connection to us, have taken the time and effort to leave a message or to make a donation."

She said several people had contacted her to share their similar experiences, and this had been deeply moving.

"Oliver will always be in our thoughts as a loved family member and when we remember him we will always be reminded of how beautiful and generous people are."

The fundraising website will run until March 1 and is available at