Scrub fire breaks out in Kina

01:53, Jan 17 2014
Fire Kina
FIRE IN THE BUSH: Smoke rises from the trees as a scrub fire burns on the Kina Peninsula.

Firefighters and helicopters are fighting a scrub fire on Kina Peninsula.

Waimea Rural Fire Authority principal rural fire officer Ian Reade said the blaze was thought to have been started by power lines. 

Smoke from the fire is clearly visible from Stoke and Tahunanui.

Kina fire
BURNING: Flames from the fire take hold in deep scrub.

Ali Metcalfe lives in the area and she was particularly frightened because wind in the area was really strong.

''I've never experienced anything like it. We have been tying trees and plants together as there is so much wind. There is so much dry grass.''

Orchardist John Gillan said power went out about 1.30pm and the fire engines were at the far end of the peninsula.

Ron Oliver who was speaking from Hulme Orchard said a number of fire engines, and a helicopter was dumping water on the fire.

The helicopter was probably about 200m away. He did not know how big the fire was.

More to follow...