Stylish BMW bikers hit Nelson's roads

00:00, Jan 20 2014

If you are riding a motorbike to Nelson from the Wairarapa, Wellington or Whanganui, it pays to travel in style.

About 90 members of the BMW Owners Register came from all over New Zealand to gather for their annual rally.

Organiser Sue Verma said it was a great opportunity to showcase Nelson, saying rides were planned through Golden Bay, Nelson Lakes, Marahau, Hori Bay and local historical sites.

"Nelson has got the best roads in the country."

Mrs Verma rides pillion behind her husband, Revti, who has an R100K. She said her favourite thing about BMW motorbikes was that they were readily customisable, saying only five people at the rally had the same bike.

"BMWs don't die, so we've got some older bikes as well."

Wellington couple Bruce and Virginia Frost ride an R100GSPD. Mr Frost said he looked forward to crossing the Whangamoas and riding on gravel roads as the group travelled to Hori Bay.