Motueka Estuary contaminated by diesel spill

23:56, Jan 20 2014

A diesel spill has polluted the Motueka harbour and estuary.

The extent and cause of spill is being investigated, said Tasman District Council spokesman Chris Choat.

The spill was noticed about midday on Monday, and the smell was noticeable from the causeway, he said.

''We are looking at the extent of it and confirming where it is coming from,'' he said.

 ''Our advice is that with the sea conditions and warm temperatures it will break up.''He described the spill as moderate and as a light diesel oil that spread quickly in a thin film.''

Our main concern is identifying how far it has gone.  We don't believe there will be any more than what is already there.'

'The council was also contacting the Department of Conservation and the Friends of the Haven.

At this stage there was no sign of marine life being affected