Mystery wreck must go

18:54, Jan 21 2014
wrecked yacht
SHIPWRECKED: The small yacht wrecked on a beach on Pepin Island. Equipment such as a sleeping bag, clothing and cooking utensils were located further up the beach and above the tide line.

Is this yours? Then please remove it, Nelson Harbourmaster Dave Duncan has asked.

The Hartley 16 trailer yacht smashed up on a Pepin Island beach, on the northern shoreline of Cable Bay, clearly has a story attached but authorities have declined to reveal who the owner is.

Captain Duncan said the incident in which the small yacht was wrecked happened between Christmas and New Year.

‘‘I suspect it was the maiden voyage after the owner spent many months doing it up. They anchored near the beach and as the tide changed the vessel swung to be in the waves and hit a rock.’’

Captain Duncan said the yacht took on water instantly.

The scene was generating plenty of interest from kayakers and small boat owners passing the area last Sunday.


The small yacht has been flung high up the beach by recent strong winds and tidal conditions. The bottom of its hull is missing and large holes have been punched in its port side windows.

A small outboard motor was about all that remained of its interior, as whoever was on board moved food and belongings, including a sleeping bag and footwear, to a spot higher up the beach.

‘‘The campsite you describe is salvaged materials the owner hopes to retrieve. We will be asking him to remove it all,’’ Captain Duncan said.

He said police were notified, but he did not know how the person on board managed to get to safety, which presumably would have required either a swim, or clambering over a steep edge of Pepin Island.

Nelson police confirmed the incident was reported by the harbourmaster on Jan 2 just before 6.30pm.

‘‘Police have spoken with boat owner’s mother. The boat owner is staying with parents,’’ a police spokesperson said.