Auction ends huge project

18:51, Jan 23 2014
pohara auction
Art and House for auction - 15A Kohikiko Place, Pohara will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Golden Bay Integrated Family Health Centre this Saturday.
pohara auction
From left Laurie Davidson, Nick Hodgkinson, Kim Johnston and Matthew Toynbee have each been instrumental in guiding the process towards completion.
pohara auction
15A Kohikiko Place, Pohara will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Golden Bay Integrated Family Health Centre this Saturday.
pohara auction
Nick Hodgkinson, left, Laurie Davidson and Matthew Toynbee with some of the art that will be auctioned off along with the house.

In the grand finale of fundraising for the Golden Bay Integrated Family Health Centre, a four-bedroom Pohara home, built by the tradespeople of Golden Bay, will be auctioned this Saturday.

It will be accompanied by nine works of art, made by well established artists from around the top of the South Island.

Fundraiser Matthew Toynbee said the idea of bringing together the art and house auction is to complete the raft of fundraising activities on a high note.

"We needed to get to our target, but we needed something significant … the fundraising group set a target of $800,000 to $1 million. We hope this will push us through $1 million."

Artists who have contributed work to be auctioned include Peter Green, Adrian and Margaret Maloney, Royce McGlashen, Robin Slow, Dean Raybould, Kathy Reilly, Johanna Ward and Paul Winspear.

Mr Toynbee said they had been supported by the Golden Bay community through every step of the process of buying the land and building the house.


"We got a builder on side - Frank Byrne - we needed a qualified builder. Frank and Cherie Byrne were very generous with the donation of their services, and this helped get us off the ground, it was fundamental to the ongoing quality that this house now exudes," said Mr Toynbee.

Mr Toynbee said they were "very proud" of the finished product.

"Everything fits well. The house is orientated well on the section, it has a nice view."

Treasurer of the fundraising committee Kim Johnston said just about "every tradesperson" in Golden Bay contributed to the house, plus other people who took care of many small details such as "watering the lawn".

"The effort the community put in was huge. The building community feel they've built it. Many people didn't have money to give, but they had time to give," said Mrs Johnston.

Around 40 businesses and many more individuals contributed to Project House Build.

First National real estate sales manager Nick Hodgkinson said he had already received a "firm offer" for the house. However the fundraising team were "committed to the process" of an auction.

Project manager of the house build Laurie Davidson said this final fundraising effort would represent $200 from every man, woman and child in Golden Bay. "You don't do that very often," he said.

"This brings the hammer down on the fundraising," said Mr Toynbee.

The house auction will take place this Saturday, January 25 at 2.30pm on site: 15A Kohikiko Place, Pohara. The art auction will begin at 2pm. Contact: Nick Hodgkinson 027 4372 360.

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