Happy Year of the Horse

00:00, Jan 27 2014
Nelson Chinese Society Incorporated
GOOD FORTUNE: Members of the managing committee of Nelson Chinese Society Incorporated, Sandy Sun, Lillian (Miaolin) Li-Kurtovic, Jackie Liang, Shuxi Li, Weimin Jiang, Huiwen Lin, Mimi Herron, and Joseph Herron give a warm welcome at the entrance of the Chinese New Year celebration held at Victory Community Centre.

So many people turned up that the organisers missed their dinner and that was a good result, Chinese New Year celebrant Lillian Li-Kurtovic said today.

The Nelson Chinese Society held a gathering at the Victory Community Centre on Saturday to welcome the Year of the Horse.

The society was formed only last July and this was its first event. They expected about 75 people but got 150.

Mrs Li-Kurtovic said although the committee had prepared extra and many people brought a plate, the food ran out.

"We were surprised. Most of the organisers ended up having no dinner but we still thought it was a really good event."

The society has about 60 members from a Chinese community numbering several hundred, which fluctuates each year with the arrival and departure of Chinese students.


The celebration included a performance by children who study Mandarin in classes run by the society, dancers performing in traditional costume, and several singers.

The celebration had gone very well and the society aimed to run it each year, Mrs Li-Kurtovic said.

"We have four big celebrations in Chinese culture. A lot of committee members have a passion to do all four, but I think we will try one or two to start with."

She said the qualities of people born in the Year of the Horse included bravery, love of freedom, a strong mind and a fondness for company.

"They can be proud but also love harmony. That's probably the horse."

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