Booze outlets fail police sting

19:24, Feb 04 2014

Two licensed premises sold alcohol to 16-year-old volunteers in a recent controlled purchase operation.

On January 22, Police and the Tasman Licensing Inspector visited 21 premises in the Golden Bay and Marahau areas.

The two premises which made the sales were Anatoki Salmon and Bencarri Farm Park & Café. This was the first time that these premises had been the subject of a controlled purchase operation.

Meetings have been held and both premises have agreed to suspensions of their on licences and duty managers. They have been referred to the Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority.

A female staff member has been summonsed to appear in the Nelson District Court for selling alcohol to minors.

Police, Public Health and Licensing Inspectors have also been carrying out compliance checks for special licensed events to ensure the operators are complying with their licence conditions. A special licence is issued to sell alcohol in other locations and often for one off type events.


The Richmond Rodeo was checked on the 18 January and several breaches of the licence were discovered. Children were found in a restricted area, no water was made available at the bar and glass bottles were being sold.

The duty manager on the day and the applicant for the special licence were both issued with infringement notices for these failures.

Nelson Bays Liquor Licensing Sergeant Steve Savage said Police would continue monitoring events which relied on special licences.

"The same standards and rules apply and if they are not run correctly the potential for alcohol related harm increases," he said.