Student's sudden death a mystery

02:54, Feb 14 2014

A student from Waimea College died in his sleep on Monday night, principal Larry Ching said.

Year 11 student Sam Eggers, 15, died in his home on Monday night, after visiting the Nelson Hospital.

Waimea College principal Larry Ching said he did not know the circumstances of the death.

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board chief executive Chris Fleming said they had initiated an investigation to understand what has occurred. They would work with the family.

The school told the year 11 group about the death on Tuesday.

"We let them know there are support services . . . they reacted pretty much as you would expect, he was known to a lot of the year group, it was a shock," said Mr Ching. He wanted to let the year group know as soon as possible to stop rumours spreading around the school about the death.


Mr Ching said he was contacted by a medical officer and assured there was not an issue of public health surrounding the death and he "had no reason to believe the death was sinister".

Mr Ching said the boy had two brothers at the school, one in the junior school, one in the senior.

He said they were a nice family and the school counsellors would work with them if they required their support.

The funeral will be held tomorrow. Mr Ching would attend it with student representatives and some staff.

He said students with a connection to Sam were invited to attend as well.

The school also had its sports day tomorrow and Mr Ching said they would acknowledge Sam at it.

"We will have a few seconds of silence where people can remember Sam," he said.

"He was a pretty quiet, nice guy.

"He did very well at school, and worked hard. He enjoyed mountain biking."