Speedster clocked at 194kmh

00:05, Feb 14 2014

A driver doing an "outrageously high" speed of 194kmh at Springs Junction collected one of the more than 6000 tickets Tasman district police issued last month in Operation Alert.

The national summer road safety campaign saw police enforce a 4kmh tolerance above the speed limit, instead of the usual 10kmh.

Tasman district road policing manager Inspector Jenni Richardson said some of the speeds detected during the operation were outrageously high.

The vehicle which passed a speed camera van in the Springs Junction area travelling at 194kmh was located further down the highway by a patrol car. The driver had his licence suspended on the spot.

Ms Richardson said any driver exceeding the posted speed limit by more than 40kmh would have their licence suspended. There were a number of other vehicles detected in excess of 140kmh during the operation and one driver was caught driving at 133kmh in an 80kmh speed zone.

In addition, 49 breaches of graduated licences were detected and 35 people received infringement notices for not wearing seatbelts.