Rapid reaction saves house from fire

Quick-thinking residents helped save a Nelson house from destruction while the owners are away.

The two-storey timber house in Mt Pleasant Ave was well alight when three Fire Service crews arrived shortly after 10pm last night.

Two crews went into the house to find out if anyone was inside, and put out the fire, said station officer Craig Davies.

Two firefighters searched the lower area where the fire started while another two checked the smoke-filled top storey, but nobody was in the house.

Mr Davies said the owners were away, and police guarded the scene overnight.

Fire safety would investigate the fire today.

‘‘We’re not sure at this stage but we suspect it was an electrical problem,’’ he said.

The house was being renovated and has scaffolding around it because of alterations being made, he said.

He praised those who called 111, with initial calls coming from the port area.

‘‘It was an extremely good save of the house which can only happen if we get called early.  About 70 per cent of the house, with all the top storey of the house is saved.

‘‘The vigilance of those people has saved a nice house from total destruction.’’

Smoke alarms at the home were also set off.

Firefighters were at the scene for three and a half hours dampening down.