Out with plastic as shop goes green

02:54, Feb 19 2014
Lush Nelson
NEW LOOK: Lush Nelson retail assistant Jasmine Turner, left, and trainee manager, Shelley t’Hooft with their store’s non-plastic drink bottles.

Australian cosmetics chain Lush has banned plastic water bottles from every store in New Zealand, including Nelson's Morrison Square branch.

The week-long bottle ban is part of a campaign aimed at reducing consumer consumption of "unnecessary" plastic. It will apply to all nine stores plus the chain's Sydney and Auckland kitchens and office spaces until Sunday.

A sink at the Morrison Square store will be available for public use so that people can refill their water bottles or ask for a glass of water. The shop is also selling reusable aluminum drink bottles.

Marketing support representative Ayla Wilton said the ban was in support of New Zealand environmental charity Sustainable Coastlines, which is based in Auckland.

The charity said its members had collected 31,121 plastic bottles from New Zealand coastlines over the last five years that would otherwise have gone into the ocean. All profits from Lush's $17.90 bottles will be donated to Sustainable Coastlines, and customers are being encouraged to sign up to the charity's mailing list.

"By choosing tap water over bottled water, people are choosing to care for oceans and wildlife, as well as their own personal health and the right to water without paying excessive amounts for it," said Ms Wilton.


Nelson trainee manager Shelley t'Hooft said all Lush staff had signed a pledge saying that they would not bring plastic bottles to work.

She said the company had given out aluminum bottles as Christmas presents this year.

If a customer came in with a plastic bottle, she said they would not be kicked out, but encouraged to purchase a reusable bottle to replace it.

"At the very least, we'd be encouraging people to refill their bottles rather than buy a new one every time it's empty," said retail assistant Jasmine Turner.

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