Nelson's 'sign of the future' lauded at awards

TEAM TALENT: Snapit HD's Steve Taylor, left, Chris Rodley and Andrew Rodley with the Nelson company's latest cameras.
TEAM TALENT: Snapit HD's Steve Taylor, left, Chris Rodley and Andrew Rodley with the Nelson company's latest cameras.

Being one of three finalists in the innovator category of the New Zealander of the Year awards was a wonderful achievement, showing Nelson's Snap Information Technologies is "a sign of the future", Nelson-based Labour list MP Maryan Street said today.

The section was won by co-founder and chief scientific officer of Auckland clean technologies company Lanzatech, Sean Simpson, with Andre Prassinos, of microbial producer Biobrew, the other finalist.

Ms Street nominated SnapIT founder Chris Rodley, after seeing the company's revolutionary panoramic and time-lapse cameras which have impressed the likes of Apple and Google.

She was with Mr Rodley, his brother and co-founder Andrew and their four co-workers at the awards function in Auckland last night and said seeing them lauded for their efforts was a great moment.

"Even though they did not win, their skill and success were acknowledged by the fact that they made it into the finals and I was delighted for them," she said.

"I nominated them for Sanitarium Innovator of the Year because I thought their ingenuity, technology and its numerous applications were worthy of recognition and support.

"They are a real example of how you can use technology to produce a world-class service to the world, and stay in Nelson to do it."

SnapIT design and manufacture camera hardware, software and infrastructure used for tourism cameras around New Zealand capturing and broadcasting live images via TV, weather and tourism websites.

The online network receives millions of impressions per week.

SnapIT cameras are also used to broadcast live data from construction sites for project management, high profile security locations, fisheries management projects and other niche applications.

The SnapITHD2 camera allows multiple users to view a whole day as a full-screen time lapse, while the SnapITHD3 camera allows multiple users to view and explore a full-screen 360-degree panoramic view.

Mr Rodley said today that SnapIT, now in its seventh year, was still focused on research and development but had reached the point where "I think we can shift gear in the company a little bit".

He said he was just the figurehead.

Taking the entire team to Auckland was a way of giving them some recognition for a lot of hard work, and it had been "a pretty amazing night".

"It was certainly different from going to McDonald's in Nelson. I got to give a hug to the prime minister. That's pretty awesome."