Neighbours take in bleeding stab victim

Neighbours of a Nelson man stabbed in his bed say he arrived at their house bleeding heavily.

Peter Dyer, 53, was attacked in his Green St, Tahunanui, home at about 10pm on Friday. After escaping to his neighbours he was taken to Nelson Hospital with stab wounds in his back, arms and legs. He was today reported to be in a comfortable condition.

Police arrested a man at the scene who was later charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and two counts of assaulting a police officer.

The man, remanded in custody, was expected to appear in court today.

Mr Dyer's next-door-neighbours, who did not want their names published, said he was bleeding heavily when he arrived at their house on Friday night. They said he had stab wounds in his mouth and back.

The attack came after an incident earlier in the day at the property, they said. Police were called and a man was issued with a trespass order, the neighbours said.

Mr Dyer had his evening meal at their place, and had waved to them that he was OK after he went back to his house.

"Whether he [the offender] was in there hiding . . . the next thing there was a ruckus going on in there," one of the neighbours said.

Mr Dyer managed to escape and run to their house. They called the police and tried to help him as best they could. There was blood all through their house.

The neighbours said police used a dog when they arrested the attacker, who was also Tasered.

Mr Dyer had been their neighbour for about three years. After his partner died he was "always getting taken in by losers", one of the neighbours said.

Police completed a scene examination on Saturday. They confirmed that the men were known to each other.

The Nelson Mail