Man in court for egg breaking and entering

A drunken man who whipped up an omelette after wandering into a stranger's house was no master chef, says the home's occupant.

"I don't think he is much of a cook, he made the omelette with eggs, honey, butter chicken sauce and Cayenne pepper," said Sandy Burn, who was looking after the Motueka house but was not home when the incident happened.

She was speaking after the man, Shane Graham Halse, 45, unemployed, pleaded guilty to being unlawfully in the Thorp St home.

In the Nelson District Court police prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Johnston said Halse was intoxicated when he entered the house through an unsecured door at 5.45pm on February 27.

In the kitchen he took two to three eggs and some other ingredients to the value of $5 to make himself an omelette.

Police found him at the address after calls from the neighbours.

He told police that he had done nothing wrong and that he simply entered the property to make an omelette.

He admitted he did not know the owner of the property.

Duty solicitor John Sandston said Halse had an extensive drug and alcohol history and had sought rehabilitation services in the past.

Judge Tony Zohrab said a fine would be inappropriate given his previous convictions.

Halse clearly had an alcohol problem, he said.

He was convicted and sentenced to 60 hours of community work, six months supervision and ordered to undertake drug and alcohol treatment.

Ms Burn said while she was not frightened by the situation, she was glad she was not there at the time.

It was a ridiculous situation, she said.

She said the man had apparently been fishing earlier that day, but had not been too successful with that either.

"Apparently he had lost his fishing rod during the journey and sure enough, I found it at the back of the property."