Crossing the line earns driver a fine

NAUGHTY: Karen Barker took this picture of her car parked over a line for which she received a $45 ticket.
NAUGHTY: Karen Barker took this picture of her car parked over a line for which she received a $45 ticket.

A woman never ticketed before has been stung with a fine for parking over a line in a near-empty car park.

Property manager Karen Barker was parked outside Colour Plus in the Vanguard St privately-owned car park in Nelson which is patrolled by Wilson Parking Enforcement Services.

She was dropping off curtain samples for her newly-built house when she spotted a warden writing her a ticket for $45.

The warden told her she was over the line.

He issued her a ticket for obstructing access.

Photos show her front wheel was over the line, and back wheel was half over the line. However, photos also show there were plenty of free car parks around her car.

She said there were at least 50.

She admitted she could have parked better but did not think it should have mattered as the car park was near empty and she was in the store for 10 minutes. She worried the spike in parking tickets through Nelson city - largely from council car parks - was bad for business.

"What gets me the most about this over-zealous issuing of tickets, is that we are building a new house and I was in at Colour Plus to look at purchasing my curtains there. This over-zealous ticketing doesn't help the local businesses trying to attract business in competitive commercial environments."

Mrs Barker received the ticket on Friday and was to contest it.

She said she had learnt her lesson and would take care to ensure she parked well within bays in the future.

Friends had laughed when they were shown the photo, telling her they could not believe she received a ticket.

Parking Enforcement Services (PES) national manager Matt Ranson said the company monitored and serviced 10 car parks in the Nelson area to ensure car park owners' customers had access to parking spaces.

It wanted to discourage any misuse of car parks by those who were not entitled to use them, or who breached the terms and conditions of parking.

He said those ticketed were able to appeal.

"PES considers each appeal situation on its merits, and waives breach notices when it is appropriate to do so."