Telecom cellphone fault frustrates customers

After a day of faulty Telecom mobile services in the Nelson CBD, Telecom is up and running.

Telecom users were unable to access their internet or get their chatting fix yesterday from 10.30am to about 5pm as a result of maintenance testing gone wrong.

As of this morning, 73 people commented about their Telecom ills on the Nelson Mail Facebook page, complaining of their inability to use internet data, text or call.

Zoe Goodwin said she could use her phone for about an hour yesterday.

"It went off and on. Had to keep turning my phone off and on. And seems to be taking me ages to send messages."

Marianna Gargiulo-Muzz said her inability to call people was "so annoying".

Elizabeth DeHar said sorting out network failures was what Telecom should be spending $20 million on, and not changing its name.

Telecom issued a statement on their website at about 1.45pm saying there was a loss of mobile services in the Nelson area.

"Our technicians are working on resolving this issue. We apologise for the inconvenience," it read.

Telecom communications manager Julie Wagener said she spoke to Telecom's technical team and the root cause of the fault occurred during "business as usual" maintenance testing on the batteries to the Nelson central cell site.

The resolution of the tower was high priority for the Telecom team and they continued to work to resolve the issue until it was "well and truly" cleared by 5pm.

The issue was first experienced at 10.56am. "We regularly test the batteries of cell sites as they keep a site running for six to eight hours after any loss of power," Ms Wagener said.

While the main Nelson site was down, mobile activity was diverted to four sites in the area.

Users were expected to experience a slight degradation in services as a result of the increased mobile traffic.

Those affected by the fault would not be receiving remuneration or compensation, she said.